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Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Download This Video Mp4/Mp3

Today we are in Reforma, a part of Mazatlan in the Mexican state of Sinaloa at Tacos Luis Del Verde. We are going to try Mexican street food in Mazatlan Sinaloa. Everyone on the block kept telling me that I need to try the Mexican chorreadas. This is a thick tortilla with many veggies and meat. A secret ingredient is the asiento which is made from pork fat and spread all over the tortilla while it roast on the grill. Mexican street food comes straight from heaven and the freshness and quality of the Mexican street food that we found here was simply amazing! We also met some characters along the way, the fishermen of Mazatlan Sinaloa. Anyway, enjoy this Mexican food vlog, buen provecho…..One more thing the restaurants name and FB link will be down here somewhere.

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